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Parents Advised to Teach Their Children the Way of the Lord to Prevent Them From Becoming Cyber Criminals

The Founder of Internet Safety Magazine, Rotimi Onadipe has advised parents to teach their children the way of the Lord so as to prevent them from getting involved in cyber crimes which have become rampant among children of today’s technology age.

The internet safety advocate advised parents at his organization’s weekly program on internet safety with the theme “Say NO to internet abuse, say YES to internet safety” which was held on Saturday, May 14th, 2022.

Onadipe, who has been educating the general public on internet safety for several years through his published articles, seminars, lectures, awareness campaigns, TV and radio programs, amongst others said “with the alarming rate at which our youths, teenagers, and young children are now exposed to the smartphone, internet, and social media, the best gift that parents can give the children of today’s internet age is to teach them the way of the Lord and inculcate the fear of God in them from childhood age.”

He further said “In today’s technology age, more than 80% of young children can conveniently operate smartphones and most of them are on different social media platforms where they meet all kinds of people including cybercriminals, popularly known as yahoo boys and girls that can introduce them to fraudulent activities and also train them. It is also easy for them to meet pornography addicts, cybersex addicts, pedophiles, amongst others.”

“I believe we are all aware that the online community is an interesting place where most young children want to be as long they have access to smartphones. These young children come across different kinds of temptations any time they are online, unknown to their parents and they can only overcome those temptations if they have been taught the way of the Lord from childhood.” He added.

In his concluding remarks, Onadipe said “As parents, please teach your children the way of the Lord and inculcate the fear of God in them from childhood age so that they will not fall into the temptations they come across online as they grow up.”

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